My name is Dominique
I was born in Spain and raised in the beautiful Balearic island of Mallorca. I am married and a mother of two boys.  Most of my life I have worked in the tourism sector, as hotel receptionist, flight attendant and also in a travel agency. My most recent job was secretary of an architectural studio.
Before getting married, I traveled extensively and speak fluent English, Spanish, German and French.
I have a strong need to be creative and this is fulfilled through painting, sewing and Reiki. I also have an interest in Access Bars techniques and the subject of anthroposophy (Rudolph Steiner’s philosophy).
My relation with John of God started three years ago. From the moment I heard about him, I felt a strong internal call. So much so that within weeks I had booked my ticket and was on the way to Abadiânia, filled with an amazing and fearless sensation in my heart that I was traveling back home. That journey was decisive and gave me many new insights. During subsequent visits to Abadiânia the desire to become a tour guide emerged and was further encouraged by fellow visitors who thought I was already one of the guides. Following the correct protocol, I finally asked John of God in entity and received his permission with the blessing of the entities.
It is a true honor for me to accompany you on your journey as in doing so I am able to fulfill my own mission to share this life-changing experience, where answers are given to those who ask.

Dominique Sauzier