frequent asked questions

1- what are the Entities? The word entity refers to one of the many benevolent and advanced spirits that work at the Casa. And we refer as Entity  the spirit that incorporates Medium João´s body during the session. When he is incorporating he is the Entity. Medium João is the strongest full trance medium alive.

2- will I have a visible surgery? Only if you have received the instruction from John of God to have surgery you will have the option on request for a visible surgery, to have visible surgery you have to be between 18 and 52 years old.

3- is Abadiânia safe? The  little town of Abadiânia is very safe if you follow the basic common sense guidelines that you should follow in any foreign city. a) Walk with a partner at night and only on streets that have street lights, b) Wear clothing that is non-provocative, c) Keep large sums of money and your passport in a secure place in your pousada, d) Keep your expensive jewelry in a safe place at your pousada, f) Stay on roads if taking walks.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

4- do I need to bring medical results? No you don´t.  John of God will scan you and proceed with what you need for your healing.

5- what is a Crystal Bed? Crystal Therapy from John of God is a healing modality using an array of specially cut and lighted quartz crystals. It is prescribed by the Entities, the helping spirits of the Casa, for rejuvenation, alignment and as a required preparation for healing work by the Entities. The person receiving the session rests face up with eyes closed, bathing in the energy of the crystals.

6- shall I stop taking my medication? NO. Do not stop to take the medication you need and make sure you have taken enough medicine for your journey in Abadiânia

7-What are the herbs? Passiflora is used in traditional remedies as a calming herb for anxiety and insomnia. At the Casa they are however, specifically energized for you and may not be given to others.

8- heard that John of God does not charge for his healing, why do I have to pay for the herbal prescription (passiflora) ? John of God does not charge money for his work. The herbs are our connection to the entities. In order to Brazilian health regulation the herbal prescription manufacturing required involves expenses.  The money generated helps with the day to day running of the Casa.

9- do I need shots?  No vaccination is to travel to Abadiânia

10- Is there medical attention in Abadiânia?  there is a first attention aid and a chemist in Abadiânia. You have to travel 40 minutes to the nearest hospital.

11- do I need a guide?  People also frequently ask, “Do I really need the services of a guide?”  It makes it easier for the Casa volunteers, as well as for you, using your time in Abadiânia productively and getting the most out of the experience, not preoccupied with trying to get all the relevant information, so you won’t miss anything.  It is more important to focus on the important reasons for your being in Abadiânia, with a relaxed attitude, rather than getting worried with the mundane how-, what-, when-,  where- and why- questions and situations, so you will be in the right place at the right time, and thus optimize your healing/well-being process. John of God has said that each person who visits the Casa for the first time should go with a Casa tour guide. There are protocols around how everything works at the Casa. A guide will also give you helpful orientations, provide all hotel reservations and ground transportation between the airport and Abadiânia, help you as you recover after your treatments, take you to the sacred waterfall, and be able to answer every question that arises during your healing process.

12- do I need to have a Travel Insurance?  You are required to obtain medical transportation travel insurance if you travel with a Casa certified guide. Check with your travel agency to see what their pre-existing policy is for those conditions.

13- what is the electricity standard in Abadiânia? Standard is 220v and 50 herz. You will need an socket adapter that fits the sockets used in Brazil if you travel with items that need electricity.

14- where do I exchange currency from ( €, £, $)  to brazilian reais? there are money exchange offices in Lisbon and Brasilia airports. In Abadiânia there is a little exchange office that runs often out of cash. The nearest town to find a bank is Annapolis about 25 minutes drive.

15- do I need to wear white clothing every day?  No. You only need to dress in white to attend to the sessions at the Casa on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

16- how often will John of God see me? John of God works at the Casa three days a week . You will be able to meet him once, either in the morning or in the afternoon session.

17-What is there to do in Abadiânia?  You will find shops where you can purchase cloths, crystals, hairdresser and a couple of nice typical brazilian restaurants, as coffee shops where they serve lovely fresh made juices and smoothies, as healthy food. But remember what you came for, you came to a spiritual hospital so be respectful to the spiritual work being done on you and stay connected to their energy by spending the majority of your time in quiet solitude and meditation.

18- Is here Wi-Fi at the pousada (hotel)? Yes. And there is also an internet room near the pousada.