The Entity will prescribe you herbal treatment. The herbal supplements at the Casa are all composed of Passiflora. These dibujo pasifloraare the ground up leaves and flowers of the Passion fruit plant. The herb has no medicinal value. It’s action may be equivalent to that of a cup of herbal tea. The power of the supplement is in the energy the Entity has placed in your specific supplement. The herbs are energized specifically for you alone. So don´t let anybody handle them unless you are not able to do it yourself. Do not exchange herbs with anybody. You could have a little healing crisis when you first begin to take the herbs, please don´t get discouraged and continpasifloraue the treatment.

During the time you are taking the pasiflora you shall have to follow a diet, refrain from eating pork or its derivatives, drinking alcohol or eating anything that contains pepper. (Black pepper, red pepper, white pepper, cayenne, chili peppers etc.)