general information

Passport- for UK and Irish citizen no visa is required to enter Brazil. Make sure that your passport is valid beyond 6 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAmonths your departure date. US and Canada citizens do need a visa to travel to Brazil.

Clima. The weather in Abadiânia has concentrated rain showers in the summer months October through April and a dry season from May through September. The maximum precipitation generally occurs in December/January and the warmest months are September and October with average temperatures around 25ºC (77ºF) Celsius although 40ºC (140º) is not uncommon. The coldest months are June and July average temperatures around 18ºC (64ºF) and lows around 12ºC (53º).

Shots- No vaccination is required to travel to Abadiânia.

Time- Difference between Brazil and GMT is – 3 hours in winter and – 4h in summer

Exchange- It is best to obtain Brazilian money before your departure to Brazil. Abadiânia has no cash machine. There is a little foreign exchange office in Abadiânia that often runs out of cash. It is also possible to exchange cash in  Lisbon and Brasilia airports, as in Sao Paolo. Cash machines are available in neighbor city Annapolis where you can get by taxi in 25 minutes by taxi. Visa credit cards and MasterCard are accepted in most of the shops in Abadiânia.

What do you need to take?

- Comfortable white cloths for the sessions at the Casa. Dressed up in white eases Entities to read our hologram or aura. Bring comfortable open shoes, as sandals. If you travel over the winter months June-July-August you will need extra pull-over or jacket  to wear on top for evenings and early mornings. During the rainy season allow two or three days cloth to dry. Bathing suit to visit the sacred waterfall.

you will need a plug adapter if traveling with laptop or electrical items, local electric power is 220v.

- anti-mosquitoes bite lotion.

- laundry soap for hand wash.

- umbrella and hat to protect yourself from the sun after surgery

- light raincoat  if traveling in the warm and rainy season

- wheeled suitcase,  for the long walks in the airports especially if traveling during the week after surgery

- don´t forget your camera!