John of God´s healing center Casa de Dom Inácio

The Casa de Dom Inacio is the spiritual center where John of God has been doing his healing work for over 25 years. It is located in the middle of Brazil, on top of the largest known crystal plate in the world, over 200 miles in diameter. This high vibration portal of energy coupled with the strongest trance medium of our time, John of God, creates a tremendous healing container serving millions of pilgrims who travel to Brazil from all over the world.

Thousands of them come enduring long international flights and for the Brazilians living in the south thirty five hours bus trips to the small town of Abadiânia. The healing center opens at 7.30 am Somewhere in an unmarked room João rests and meditates in preparation for a day of healing.

He will work until the last patient is attended to, and sometimes if the people are many until the night.

The Casa de Dom Inacio, is John of God´s healing center since 1979. The center resembles a small hospital. Painted stark white inside out and sky blue band from floor to waist height. The design was supplied to João by his principal Entity Dom Ignacio de Loyola in a vision he received.

The choice of the site is due to the land where it is built rich in quarz which in itself provides a powerful energy source. The location is one of intense energies, the understanding of which is almost beyond our physical comprehension.

For many of those who have traveled to Abadiânia, they have felt the energy of the place already before arriving there, often this contact with the entities energy starts from the moment that the decision is taken and the flights are booked.

For each one of us the healing process is unique and it is not bounded to the Casa sessions, but goes on during all the time you stay near the Casa this is due to the high energy level there that the visitor feels immediately with an amazing deep inner peace.

During the sessions you will probably receive the indication by Medium João to receive a spiritual surgery. This surgery can be invisible or physical (physical surgery only for those who ask for it ) . To receive a spiritual surgery is a blessing and means to receive a huge amount of energy that opens our energetic field to healing possibilities. In both cases, invisible or physical surgery  the same protocol is to follow after surgery.

Although Medium João´s presence is indispensable a big part of the work is also done during the meditation sessions at the Casa current´s room.

Abadiânia today is a centre of miraculous works performed by medium João, founder of the Casa, an institution of spiritual services, where charity and love are the keywords. Daily in the Casa de Dom Inacio are given for free more then 600 consults per session. The therapeutic and healing procedures in this centre already became very famous.

The Blessed Soup

Each day you attend the Casa morning sessions you will also have blessed soup, as it is a part of your treatment of the Casa. If you are recovering from surgery I will make sure someone will bring some back for you. Every Tuesday morning at 8h volunteers meet at the Casa gardens to chop veggies for the Casa Soup that is served on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for all those who have attend to the morning session.



The Entity will prescribe you herbal treatment. The herbal supplements at the Casa are all composed of Passiflora. These are the ground up leaves and flowers of the Passion fruit plant. The herb has no medicinal value. It’s action may be equivalent to that of a cup of herbal tea. The power of the supplement is in the energy the Entity has placed in your specific supplement. The herbs are energized specifically for you alone. So don´t let anybody handle them unless you are not able to do it yourself. Do not exchange herbs with anybody. You could have a little healing crisis when you first begin to take the herbs, please don´t get discouraged and continue the treatment.

During the time you are taking the passiflora you shall have to follow a diet, refrain from eating pork or its derivatives, drinking alcohol or eating anything that contains pepper. (Black pepper, red pepper, white pepper, cayenne, chili peppers etc.)

sacred waterfall

sacred waterfall

The waterfall is sacred to the Casa and Entities will work with people whilst there, some have been known to have an intervention (surgery). Access to the waterfall is strictly only with permission from the Entity. Yo cannot go alone, and men and women have to go separately. Photos or videos are prohibited. It is an extremely powerful experience for those who go.
the triangle

the triangle

The triangle symbol is something you become accustomed to on your visit to the Casa. The sides of the triangle represents Faith, Love and Charity. There are three prayer triangles at the Casa in with people can put prayers and petitions for healing along with photos, into the bottom of the triangle.