tour coordinator to John of God in Brazil

John of God has said that each person who visits the Casa for the first time should go with a some one experienced because the protocols established by the Casa can be confusing for a new visitor. If this is your first trip to the Casa, it can be very overwhelming. Hundreds of people arrive each week  from  different countries and other parts from Brazil.  Your tour tour coordinator will take you through the whole process and make sure that all your issues are taken care of. Traveling alone can mean that much of the two weeks is spent becoming familiar with Abadiânia, the Casa and the procedures, time better spent relaxing and recuperating.

As your tour coordinator I will also give you helpful orientations, provide all hotel reservations and ground transportation between the airport and Abadiânia, take you through the line to meet John of God on your first day at the Casa, help you as you recover after your treatments, take you to the sacred waterfall, and be able to answer every question that arises during your healing process.

If you have spiritual surgeries at the Casa, I will make sure you receive the Casa blessed soup and will also deliver – or have delivered – your meals to your room during the 24 hours of  post-surgery bed rest.

I am a wholly independent tour coordinator who chooses to align with the values of the Casa and the counsel of the Entity. I believe that each individual is ultimately responsible for his/her own health and welfare, and encourage guests to make their own choices regarding their well-being.

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