busto dom inacio

Two Week Trip  costs :  1180€


2017 Scheduled dates

Sunday January 29 – Saturday January 12

Sunday 9 till  Sunday 23 April  (Easter)

Monday Juin 12 till Sunday 25 June

Sunday August 13 till Saturday August 26

Monday  14 til Saturday 26 November


  • Transport airport-Abadiânia-airport together with the group
  • Pousada single room accommodation with private bathroom
  • Three meals a day
  • Orientation and Casa protocol
  • Translation assistance
  • 12 sessions with the entity
  • one pack of bottled Casa water (6x 1L) and one Crystal bed session
  • visit to waterfall
  • daily meeting to follow your healing process

  • visit to Brasilia and it´s temples Dom Bosco , cathedral and Boa Vontade on our departure day

Not included

  • air fare
  • Medical travel insurance
  • ground transport between Brasilia airport and Abadiânia if traveling individually and not together with a group
  • extra Crystal Bed sessions
  • extra bottled water
  • passiflora prescribed by John of God
  • excursions


Accommodation in  hotel San Raphael in Abadiânia  with private room and private bathroom  for each participant The hotel is located 120 meters from Casa Dom Inácio. Rooms are cleaned daily, towels are provided, and each room has WI-fi  for internet.

The accommodation includes three meals per day, delicious fresh food with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. All meals are served buffet style, and you have the choice to eat what you want and as much as you wish.  Fresh fruit juices are served with the meals, made with both the fruit and with clean, bottled water. Coffee and tea and homemade desserts and bakery served daily



Departure on Sunday or Monday off to Brasilia.  At arrival to Brasilia on Monday, we will be met by our driver who will take us to Abadiânia. (1h30 drive) MONDAY This will be a day to rest from the long flight and an opportunity to acclimate to the time change. We will tour the Casa, schedule crystal bed sessions and rest. TUESDAY, after having breakfast we will go to the Casa where I will explain you the basic procedures and show you around. We shall have a meeting and prepare your meeting with John of God. WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY and FRIDAY we shall attend the Casa spiritual morning sessions , followed by possible spiritual “surgery” sessions and recovery time, and sessions in the “current” which are the healing-meditation room of the Casa. The other days are free to rest, meditate, have a Crystal bed, visit the sacred waterfall for a spiritual cleansing or visit the little town Abadiânia and purchase some beautiful crystals. SATURDAY we will visit the sacred waterfall

SUNDAY at 9:00 AM  a prayer service is hold at the Casa in English, French, German, Hebrew, Russian sometimes other languages too.  People from all over the world and from every faith come together to pray in one voice and share our connection to the creator. These prayers come from different parts of the world and reflect the ecumenical style of the casa.  Take a look around, and if you are coming to the casa, make sure to join us on Sunday Morning. 
Every Tuesday morning at 8hoo volunteers meet at the Casa gardens to chop vegetables for the Casa Soup that is served on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday after the morning session.
On the second week those who had surgery will walk through the revision line. Others will meet John of God for more requests. It is also the moment to show pictures of loved ones we brought with us.
Every evening at the Casa from 7:00pm to about 7:45pm, the Rosary is said in Portuguese in the main hall at the Casa. Attendance is optional. Many people, even those not speaking Portuguese nor Catholic, enjoy listening to the soothing rhythms and feeling the energy of prayer of the rosary.
Departure Day. On our last day in Brazil before heading to the airport, those who wish can visit Brasilia´s Dom Bosco Cathedral , Temple of Good Will and walk the labyrinth. This guided excursion to Brasilia is optional and is not included in price.


The Entity will prescribe you herbal treatment. The herbal supplements at the Casa are all composed of Passiflora. These are the ground up leaves and flowers of the Passion fruit plant. The herb has no medicinal value. It’s action may be equivalent to that of a cup of herbal tea. The power of the supplement is in the energy the Entity has placed in your specific supplement. The herbs are energized specifically for you alone. So don´t let anybody handle them unless you are not able to do it yourself. Do not exchange herbs with anybody. You could have a little healing crisis when you first begin to take the herbs, please don´t get discouraged and continue the treatment.

During the time you are taking the passiflora you shall have to follow a diet, refrain from eating pork or its derivatives, drinking alcohol or eating anything that contains pepper. (Black pepper, red pepper, white pepper, cayenne, chili peppers etc.)

sacred waterfall

sacred waterfall

The waterfall is sacred to the Casa and Entities will work with people whilst there, some have been known to have an intervention (surgery). Access to the waterfall is strictly only with permission from the Entity. Yo cannot go alone, and men and women have to go separately. Photos or videos are prohibited. It is an extremely powerful experience for those who go.
the triangle

the triangle

The triangle symbol is something you become accustomed to on your visit to the Casa. The sides of the triangle represents Faith, Love and Charity. There are three prayer triangles at the Casa in with people can put prayers and petitions for healing along with photos, into the bottom of the triangle.